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Welcome to One Way Track ! This is a narrative-survival game where you must ensure the survival of your spirits inside a gloomy train.

After their death, three spirits find themselves trapped on a gloomy and mysterious place called Lowland. That is the final step towards the heaven, but you can’t escape from there easily. Oni, Butor and Taon, on board of a train try to cooperate in order to escape the Thing’s attacks. Be careful, all of the choices you’re going to make can impact their destiny.  

In our game you will dive into a world between dreams and an apocalyptic reality. Guide your spirits inside a train to Paradise by managing them and fighting an hidden threat by making difficult choices.  

That's what you can do in One Way Track: 

 - Manage your spirits to make choices 

 - Explore and expend your train 

 - Fight the Lowland’s guardian with a spirit to keep the train safe 

 - Heal your spirits to keep them alive 

 - Fix the train and try to not lose your carriages 

Will you be able to save them ? 

  • 4 Characters available
  • Make important choices
  • Repair your train
  • Turn on the light
  • Listen to the characters story
  • Resolve Quick Time Event
  • Fight the Thing
  • Heal your wounded
  • Reach the the Other World


Narration : Through our game we want to tell a story of little spirits at the mercy of an unknown monster. In our game we portrait a gloomy world in decay. Our goal is to make you attached to the characters that you'll meet during your travel inside that train. 

Managment : While you play the game, you'll have to manage the speed of your train. The more you train is slow the more chance you'll have to be attack by the monster. Moreover if you attach new carriage to your train, you will also be slower, but they might be worth the risk...

Survival : Your goal is to make sure that at least two spirits make it out alive. Send them repair the train, fight the monster, heal the others. Careful, they have each their strengths and weakness.


Producer : TIRANT Eliott

Lead Game Designer : TISSERAND Clément

Game Designer : WINGARDIN Zoé 

Game Designer :CHENEVIER Oscar

Lead Game Developer : MANUELLAN Matthieu

Game Developer : CHAUVIN CEDRIC

Game Artist : DELMAS Lucien

Sound Designer : AGOGUE Clément

Special thanks to Iman Behbahani Nia for his help and precious guidance !

We are a group of 8 students in the Internet and Multimedia Institute studying video game in Paris. Our task is to create a vertical slice of our game. We decided to create a narrative game on PC but also on Androïd. By now, we've reached the Vertical Slice goal, but we are still looking forward to update our game!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsManagement, Narrative, Singleplayer


OneWayTrack FINAL.zip 154 MB
OneWayTrack.apk 87 MB

Install instructions

1 - Download the .ZIP File "Build".

2- Unzip your new file.

3- Launch 'One Way Track' File.

1 - Download the APK file.

2- Launch 'One Way Track' File.


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