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Point of view is an indie puzzle game. You’re a test subject in a mysterious laboratory, you will need to solve puzzles to move forward.

Those puzzles can be solved by using perspectives and by adopting another outlook. Also, a voice will guide you through the lab. 

Will you let the voice control your choices ? Will you be able to overcome the test ?

We have developped this game during a 5 days "Game Jam" hosted by « l’Institut de l’Internet et du Multimedia ».

Our second years students team :

Cédric Chauvin, Mathieu Manuellan, Raphaël Ortolan, Clément Tisserand, Lucas Sanchez, Ulysse Raillon, Eliott Tirant

Update 18/02/2019 : UI / Graphics / Debug / SoundDesign


POV.zip 173 MB

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