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Welcome to Seeden vs Trumpkins : Every Pumpkin Counts a Party Game opposing the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The elections couldn't resolve the gap between Democrats and Republicans. It's time to settle this conflict in a good ol' pumpkin gathering ! Take the side of one of the biggest political party in America and settle the elections result by humiliating your opponent in a pumpkin gathering competition.

Gameplay :

Take your side in this 2v2 party game where your goal is to collect 27 Pumpkins for your candidate. You will have to plant and grow your pumpkins in order to sell them to the merchant but be careful the other side might steal your hard work and hit you !

N.B.: This satirical game's purpose is to depict how we perceived the US 2020 Elections. It is not a statement or a critical piece, but more of a comedic take on the harsh discussions the 2 parties involved had during their campaign.

Features :

- Hand crafted visual and audio assets
- 2v2 arena.
- Harvest Pumpkins for your political party.
- Hit players with a baseball bat.
- Pump water to grow your pumpkins
- Gather Pumpkin seeds
- Dive into a parody of America's 2020 Elections
- Listen to the bickering between the two side.

What you need before playing:

  • Parsec
  • Controller (highly recommended)

How to play:

Parsec is a cloud-sharing app that allows friends to play together local multiplayer games. When a host shares his computer, friends can join the stream by using the link provided by the host, and use their controller plugged in to their computer to control a character on the host's game !

  • HOST: Start the game, open Parsec, go in the "Arcade" tab, then share the game window

You can find the icon of the game at the bottom of the Parsec app.

  • HOST: Provide the share link to your friends
  • FRIENDS: Use the link to access your friend's computer (make sure you have a controller plugged in)
  • Play !

Our Team :

Game Designer : Zoé Wingardin - Clément Tisserand

Game Artist : Yoan Agostini

Game Developpers : Cédric Chauvin - Thibaut Guérin

Game Producer : Victor Chiorean - Eliott Tirant

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Tags2020-elections, 2D, biden, Farming, Local multiplayer, parsec, Pixel Art, pumpkin, trump, usa
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Seeden vs Trumpkins.zip 27 MB


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